Onsight Piano

Adjust the difficulty of your sheet music with real-time feedback to help you make faster progress and build your confidence as a musician.

Please note that the software is currently in pre-alpha, so there are many bugs and rough edges.


Onsight Piano is a piano learning app that runs on Windows and MacOS. It can be used by itself with a computer keyboard, but for the best experience you will also need a MIDI piano keyboard and a cable that plugs the keyboard into your computer.


The app shows your notes superimposed onto sheet music as you play them, with correct notes in green and incorrect notes in red.

There are two ways to play through a song: First, there is “stop and wait” feedback, which is useful for the first few playthroughs. In this mode, the app will wait for you to press the correct note before moving on to the next one.

The second mode is “continuous” feedback. In this mode, you set a comfortable tempo and the app will display your notes in time, exactly where they would fall on the sheet music. There’s no way to stop and start over when you make a mistake, so you’ll quickly learn to take any hiccups in stride. (This skill is particularly handy for recitals and other public performances.)

Other features include:

  • Displaying only incorrect notes, to ease the transition to playing physical sheet music
  • Looping a selection of measures
  • Automatic page-turning
  • Transposing the song into a different key

Custom Songs

Onsight Piano allows you to add your own songs in MusicXML format simply by dropping them into the “Songs” folder on your computer and restarting the app. You can download these files from an online collection like https://musescore.com/, or create your own with an app such as Finale, Sibelius, or the Musescore editor.

Note that only the following subset of MusicXML is currently supported:

  • Time signatures: 2/2, 3/4, and 4/4
  • Key signatures: all key signatures
  • Accidentals: sharp, flat, natural, double sharp, double flat
  • Note durations: whole, half, quarter, eighth
  • Dotted note durations: half, quarter
  • Articulations: staccato


Coming soon.